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From the Principal's Desk

Wisdom Sculptures freedom

Freedom promotes knowledge

Knowledge exudes love

Love propels education

Education visualize dreams and dreams are the touchstone of Character!

Dear parents/ well-wishers,
                              Heartiest greetings! It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction to come up with the family of D.P.S. Tajpur, Well, DPS Tajpur has a dream, a dream of pioneer and progressive school. A school, where every children should be treated with quality and equality. Hence, to achieve that quality and equality education is the most.
               DPS Tajpur is a home away from home where students are nurtured under the motherly love and affection of qualified experts. Our school believes that teaching is not a profession but a mission. Teaching is an art, discipline and divine. We believe that education is a prop on which a country’s existence is existed. The school believes in imparting good moral education to prepare all the children not to long for distinction in marks and certificates but one should be like distinction in their real life.
                   Further, we don’t treat education to be a formal experience. But it has to be a unique experience for every individual. Thus, we provide all the efforts to our children so that tomorrow they step into the world as a human of success. We create all the opportunities to match our children’s interests and needs. We educate our children for love, peace, harmony, kindness and liberty from stress.
                   Finally, DPS Tajpur is the centre of academic excellence which is truly committed to provide world class excellence in education for grand civilization. It is a visionary school quite unlike others. Hereby, the principal warmly welcomes all the parents and well-wishers from all across the country to hit the opportunities of being DPSians.


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