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Message from the Director

The school ensures climate of openness to new learning that incorporates best practices and effective methodologies based on worth, uniqueness, polishing each individual's potentialities and therefore promotes creation of a new learning culture in which students inculcate the spirit to become life long learners. The school offers a program which aims to mould and nurture thousands of young minds through its value oriented education preparing the students to achieve and accomplish the desired goals in their present and future.

What I appreciate most is the solid support and collaboration that we receive from the parents and well wishers in all our endeavors. So, DPS is not only an institution but a family. As a result DPS is today a school most sought after, from where students would like to prepare not only for their cherished careers in the world but for life itself.

The concept of Global Citizenship and approach towards the Holistic Development has been the essence and vital force of DPS which ensures their glorious past, progressive present and promising future. In our constant effort and endless enthusiasm, I want your full cooperation through your support and feedback in imparting quality education and serving our motto beyond the boundaries  


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