Fee Structure

Tuition Fees-

Beginner to Explorer - 3000/- per quarter

Std. I to III - 4000/- per quarter

Std. IV to VII- 4500/- per quarter

Std. VIII to X - 5050/- per quarter

Transport Fees-

0 to 6 km - 750/- per month

7 to 8 km - 850/- per month

9 to 12 km - 1050/- per month

Note:- Transport fees is to be paid by cheque annually in advance.

Date of Payment:- 

  • 1st Quarterly Fees: 2nd – 10th April

  • 2nd Quarterly Fees: 2nd – 10th July

  • 3rd Quarterly Fees: 2nd – 10th October

  • 4th Quarterly Fees: 2nd – 10th January

​Note:    ​

  • If Quarterly Tuition Fees is not paid within the given date then Rs. 10 fine will be charged per day as penalty.

  • Tuition Fee for the academic year can either be paid as one-time payment for the whole year at the beginning of the session through the above given four instalments